Get Accurate CBSE 12th Chemistry Answer Key 2023 Set A B C D Question Paper PDF Now Available!

If you are feeling confident about your recent Chemistry exam, it may be helpful to review the answers provided by the Board.

We have shared the CBSE 12th Chemistry Answer Key 2023 Set A B C D Question Paper PDF, along with other details on our website. Take a look to ensure your understanding.

CBSE 12th Chemistry Answer Key 2023

If you have recently taken the Chemistry exam, it’s important to review the answer key to help you identify any mistakes you may have made.

The CBSE board is uploading the answer key as the exam is being conducted, so it’s available for students to access now. By reviewing the answer key, you will be able to understand your mistakes better and learn from them.

CBSE board students can access the answer key for the Chemistry exam online. The exam commenced on 15th February of this year, with the Chemistry exam held on 24th February.

For those who are eagerly seeking the solution to the examination questions, you can continue reading for more information.

CBSE 12th Chemistry Set A B C D

The answer key for the Chemistry exam will be uploaded set-wise, making it easy for students who received set A, B, C or D question paper booklets to check their answers.

Many students have found this year’s exam paper to be moderate to difficult in terms of difficulty level. Scores will be determined based on the correctness of answers, as well as proper grammar, expression, and handwriting.

The Chemistry exam consisted of various assessments, including writing skills, comprehension, listening and speaking evaluations, and literature books and novels that were part of the course.

CBSE 12th Chemistry Answer Key 2023

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be conducting exams for other subjects in the upcoming days as per the schedule.

CBSE 12th Chemistry Scores

Prior to the exam, the weightage for the Chemistry paper was shared with the candidates. For those who opted for Chemistry as their elective subject, the paper was divided into five sections.

The first section was a 14-mark reading assessment, followed by a 5-mark writing and grammar assessment. The last two sections were allotted 11 marks for literature and 5 marks for fiction.

Once all the exams for each subject are completed, the students will receive their final mark sheet. Those who were unable to take the exam will have the opportunity to take the compartment exam, allowing them to complete their 12th class in this academic session.

CBSE Paper Leaked: Board Issues Warning!

After receiving their mark sheet, students can then apply to colleges based on their preferred subjects. It is important for students to achieve average to good scores in all compulsory subjects in order to meet the admission requirements for their desired colleges.

CBSE 12th Chemistry Question Paper PDF

The CBSE answer key for the twelfth standard will be uploaded in pdf format. The document can then be downloaded by anyone through the official webpage.

CBSE 12th English Answer Key 2023 for Sets A, B, C, and D in PDF Format!

The question paper PDF of sets A, B, C, and D will also be shared so that the students can cross-check the answer with the help of the answer key.

CBSE 12th Chemistry Set A PDFClick here
CBSE 12th Chemistry Set B PDFClick here
CBSE 12th Chemistry Set C PDFClick here
CBSE 12th Chemistry Set D PDFClick here

The question paper PDF will not take up much space. They can be downloaded from They will have to take up the following steps to download the answer key for Chemistry and other subjects.

CBSE 12th Chemistry Answer Key 2023

The students can check the Chemistry answer key from the official portal now. They will get to understand their mistakes as well strengths.

  • To begin with, go to the Central Board of Secondary Education’s web portal
  • There, click on the Main Website tab.
  • After that, select the answer keys link. Then among the list of links, select the standard.
  • Then click on the set of answer keys correctly.
  • Now you can check the answers to the exam papers.

In order to get more details regarding the CBSE examination, go to the authentic site of the Board.

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