New Driving Licence Rules 2023 & RTO Regulations 2023

New Driving Licence Rules 2023 & RTO Regulations 2023

The government is set to implement significant changes in the rules for obtaining a driving license, starting from January of 2023. These changes will bring about a major shift in the process for acquiring a license.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is reportedly displeased with the new rules, which are expected to simplify the license acquisition process. If you currently do not possess a driving license, it is advisable to prepare to obtain one as soon as possible, given the upcoming changes.

Under the new rules, the process for obtaining a license will be much simpler. You will only need to submit an application in accordance with the new guidelines set by the government. The most noteworthy change is that you will only need to pass a written test in order to be granted a license.

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We will cover the details of the new process for obtaining a driving license and the updated rules for Driving License New Rules 2023 in this post. Stay with us until the end to learn everything you need to know about the upcoming changes.

Driving Licence New Rules 2023

As per the updated Driving Licence New Rules 2023, all current license holders must renew their license. The renewal process is mandatory and should be completed as soon as possible. Additionally, the process for obtaining a new driving license has been simplified, making it easier for individuals to obtain a license.

Driving Licence New Rules 2023

The updated rules have also reduced the fees associated with applying for a new driving license. If you do not currently possess a driving license, it is recommended that you take advantage of the simplified process and apply for a license in the month of January. Thanks to these new rules, even those who previously found it difficult to obtain a license can now do so easily.

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Driving License Rules Pdf

The new driving license rules pdf you can download from the official website of vahan parivahan. Although all the rules are given below in short. All these rules I’m details you can see in the details from the website.

  • The first rule is If you are going to learn for a two wheeler or four wheeler training center then you should have one acre land for learning.
  • All The Heavy Vehicle Training Center should have a minimum 2 acres of land although this can be more than this.
  • The Trainer must have a minimum classification high school diploma and 5 years driving experience of driving school and teaching.
  • The trainer must have passed the education qualification of High-Quality Driving Track Test in the Transport Authority Curriculum by the transport authority.
  • The driving time for training for the loaded vehicle should be a minimum 38 hours and the training should be completed within the 6 weeks.
  • Theory class should be of the vehicle 8 hours and practical class should be of 31 hours to fill the class.
  • The Training time for the small vehicles have a minimum completed 29 hours and training should be completed in 4 weeks.
  • The theory time for the two wheeler and the small vehicle in this training should be 8 hours and the practical should be 21 hours.
  • The center should have biometric systems means there where a ecosystem of learning driving and information technology.
  • The center conductor must have a test track and stimulators.

New License Types

The new type of license is going to be issued for the vehicle. All the license holder have to issue this Type of Vehicle. the first is Commercial License

  • HGMV Heavy Goods Motor Vehicles
  • HMV Heavy Motor Vehicles
  • MGV Medium goods vehicle
  • HTV / HPMV Heavy passenger motor vehicle / Heavy transport vehicle
  • Trailer Heavy Trailer License LMV
  • LMV – Motorcars, Delivery Vans, Jeeps, and Taxis
  • Personal License
  • MC EX50CC LMVs with gear and capacity of 50CC or more. E.g., Car, motorcycle
  • MC 50CC Motorcycles with 50 cc or less engine capacity
  • M/CYCL.WG All motorcycles with and without gear
  • MCWOG / FVG Motorcycles with any engine capacity, however, without any gears. E.g., mopeds & scooters
  • LMV-NT Light motor vehicles (LMVs) for non-transport purposes

Qualification for Driving Licence

If you want to apply for the Driving licence according to the new policy. Then you have minimum 18 year to get a driving licence. Although for electric vehicle. The minimum age limit is 16 year. So this is all about driving license new rules 2023. If you like the article then do share with your friends and family.

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