Central Govt Launches One-Stop Portal for All Pensioners @pensionersportal.gov.in

The Indian government has been providing pensions to citizens across the country for a variety of reasons.

These pensions fall under various categories, including Superannuation pensions, Retiring Pensions, Voluntary Retirement pensions, Compensation pensions, Family pensions, and others.

However, with so many different types of pensions available, the government faced difficulties in monitoring the pension process.

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To address this problem, the government of India has introduced a new portal that combines all pension schemes into a single platform.

This new portal, called the ‘Integrated Pensioners’ Portal,’ aims to make things easier for both the government and the pensioners of India.

Through the portal, pensioners can access a range of facilities, including pension slips, receipt information, and more. To learn more about pensions and the Integrated Pensioners’ Portal, visit the official page at https://pensionersportal.gov.in/.

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